Dogsledding course


The term “Dogsledding” literally means a "sleigh towed by a pack of dogs": before the advent of the snowmobile, this was the only way to reach the surrounding villages, therefore making it possible to cover considerable distances over frozen ground. Today, dogsledding is essentially a sport, which spread throughout Italy only towards the end of the 1980s, thanks to the success of celebrities such as Armen Khatchikian (the founder of the Italian School of Dogsledding Progress in Passo Tonale) and Dodo Perri with their Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Samoyed and Greenland dogs.

For approximately 30 years, the Vanisella Team has passionately trained Siberian Husky dogs, complying with a selective programme aimed at paying painstaking attention to the health, respecting the standards concerning the build and character of this magnificent animal. Dogsledding is the ideal activity for the Siberian Husky and it is a sport that everyone can practice at different levels. The Vanisella Team shares the activities of its splendid animals with great enthusiasm, by offering a unique experience immersed both in nature and an unforgettable atmosphere: in a short time, you can become a real “musher”, a sleigh driver, creating a special relationship of mutual trust with the dog.

The course is divided into two stages:



Max. duration: 2 hours – compulsory to access the 1st level practice stage



Max. duration: 2 hours – practice with 2 dogs for adults and 1 dog for children


The course costs a total of €200, including course material, dogs, sleigh and harnesses. Min. age: 8.

Info & reservations

Marisa Drioli & Livio Rizzetto
tel. 335.8118796 - 040.271217