“Ben bist khemen mit mier…if you want to come with me”: these are the words of a joyful song in the Sauris language that dates back to Christmas 1975 when the local choir started singing it embarking on their group experience through music.

This experience, deeply rooted in traditional music heritage sung in the Sauris language handed down from generation to generation, over the years it has extended its repertoire to include both folk and religious music in the Friuli, Italian and other international languages as well as keeping the German music alive by revitalising and increasing the number of traditional pieces.

The interest shown by associations, minority group enthusiasts and communities coming from beyond the Alps have enabled the Coro Zahre (Sauris Choir), as it has been deliberately called to emphasise the love for its own origins, to present itself both in Italy and abroad to transmit its musical and cultural heritage.

Sci Club Sauris

The Sci Club Sauris is an amateur sports association that was founded in 1977. It carries out winter sports activities, organising skiing courses, for beginners right up to a competitive level, as well as dealing with the organisation of skiing events of both an amateur nature and linked to official skiing circuits.

Sports objectives combined with a strong spirit of teamwork, make the Sci Club a lively, enthralling meeting place especially where new generations can gather.


Just like any other worthy mountain location, also Sauris boasts its group of Alpine troops. Young people as well as those who are not so young, official member along with non-members, enlivened by the spirit that characterises the “penne nere” (soldiers bearing the black feathers), are active within the Sauris community collaborating with the other associations and providing constant support and availability from a social viewpoint.


Sport fishing has always fascinated all generations and with a lake like ours, it couldn’t be otherwise. The Sauris Fishermen’s Association is committed to the promotion of this sport that is performed in the Lumiei basin and in the surrounding streams particularly respecting the environment and protecting the local territory.


The “Fulgenzio Schneider” – Zahrar Kulturzirkul - Sauris Cultural Association was founded in 1976 with the aim of preserving and promoting the language and cultural heritage of Sauris/Zahre. It has published several works for both adults and children and it has also collaborated with the Municipal Administration and the Sauris Primary School in various projects. Every year it publishes a calendar with photos and articles in both the Sauris language and in Italian on topics of local interest. For some years now, it has organised a wooden mask carving course during the carnival period.

In 2002, together with other German-speaking communities, it founded the “Unified Committee of German-speaking Historical Linguistic Islands in Italy”; in 2003 and in 2016 the General Assembly of the Committee was held in Sauris/Zahre.


In November 2015 the Pro Loco Sauris Zahre (Sauris Municipal Tourist Board) was founded and which sees the involvement of a group of young volunteers who aim at enhancing the value and the development of the local community by dealing with the organisation of numerous events both of a cultural nature and regarding the promotion of the local territory and typical food and wine products, in conjunction with other Sauris associations (Sauris in Festa – Ham Festival, the Salted and Malga Cheese Festival, the Christmas Market, Sauris Carnival – Der Zahrar Voschankh, Arte nel Borgo (Art in the Village)) as well as dedicating itself to the management of social aggregation activities, such as the organisation of several courses devoted to all age groups of the local population (English language, Sauris language, IT course to approach new technologies etc.).