Borgo Eibn Mountain Lodge

Situated in an exclusive, paradisiacal location not far from the residential area of Sauris di Sotto, Borgo Eibn Mountain Lodge is immersed in the priceless silence of nature, where the thrilling colours and fragrances of the woods will guide you in pursuit of the authentic origins of agricultural life.

Built using sustainable techniques using ancient stone and precious wood over two centuries old, the structure consists of fifteen luxurious apartments in three enchanting chalets, passionately taken care of and run providing friendly hospitality.

In the fascinating Spa with a swimming pool, you will be able to treat yourself to the luxury of relaxing in a magical, timeless location.                            

Borgo Eibn Mountain Lodge pampers its guests right from their awakening with a rich breakfast served directly in the apartment itself, then their taste buds will be tickled in its intimate restaurant with delicious meat, cheese and cured meats produced in its agricultural enterprise.

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    Ander Eibn, 80/b Sauris di Sotto
    33020 SAURIS (UD)
    Chalet reservation tel. 328.6689992
    Restaurant reservation tel. 366.7312395