Treinke Campground

The pleasant coolness of the dew in the undergrowth, the scent of wood, moss and green grass. The chattering of birds and the warmth of the rays of sun playing hide and seek among the branches of the trees, the immensity of the most starry sky you’ve ever seen: the Treinke Campground welcomes its guests with the wonder of nature that surrounds it.

The campsites, provided with independent services are arranged around a central service facility, just a few steps from the spa, the Bar and the “Ristorantino Al C’entro”, the sports fields and the Röseibn Riding School.

Its strategic location within the ancient hamlet of Sauris also allows you to reach the other hamlets of the village just a few kilometers away, where you can find restaurants, shops and the main services.



    Tel. +39 3501637955