Legnostile F.lli Plozzer Artistic Woodworking Workshop

The Legnostile Artistic Workshop was founded in 1992 in Sauris (Udine, Italy) at the initiative of brothers Danilo and Ermanno Plozzer who were subsequently joined by their sibling Dario.

Making the most of the Sauris woodworking tradition and combining their respective experiences and skills, they offer products that can effectively blend both the past and the present.

Legnostile, paying painstaking attention to modern-day needs without neglecting the traditional “warmth of wood”, offers its Customers unique, natural, ecological products:

-Sculptures and carvings

-Decorated furniture

-Made-to-measure Furnishings: kitchens, lounges, bedrooms, staircases, cafés restaurant, shops, etc.

- “Tyrolese Stube”-style interior panel coverings”

Moreover, the accurate craftsmanship of the Plozzer brothers makes it possible to recover and reassess “Old wood” that is used to make tables, chairs, wardrobes, coffered ceilings, shops etc.




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    LEGNOSTILE s.n.c. F.lli Plozzer

    Artistic Woodworking Workshop
    Fraz. Sauris di Sopra, 50/D
    33020 SAURIS (UD)
    Tel. +39 0433 86252