Tessitura Artigiana di Sauris

At the beginning of the 20th century, the knowledgeable writer from Sauris Fulgenzio Schneider wrote “…no longer will there be a man bent over weaving cloth”. In fact, tradition has it that men dedicated themselves to weaving, while women cultivated crops, carded and spun the raw material: hemp, wool and linen.

However, this prediction did not prevent two women, Sandra and Adriana Schneider from giving a business that was deep-rooted in both time and history a new lease of life and that plays a significant role in local traditions. Inside this workshop, the loom is worked by hand, maintaining the characteristics of traditional, artisanal production. Carpets, tapestries, mats, centrepieces, table mats, scarves, shawls and waistcoats are made with natural fibres; the naturalness of the designs, sometimes recalling the decorations of the ancient chests and the particular research into the colour effects that make each piece unique and original.

The workshop, situated in Sauris di Sotto close to the Municipality, is located in a traditional Sauris house made of stone and wood: the warm fragrance of the wool and the delicate kindness of the owners highlight and enhance the value of the rich production displayed.

Personalised items can be made upon request.


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    Sauris di Sotto
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