The Ethnographic Centre in Sauris was founded to document the cultural characteristics of the community of Sauris/Zahre, by illustrating, from time to time, different aspects of this in temporary exhibitions. It is situated in Sauris di Sopra (Plotzn) and it is housed in a particularly significant building as an example of typical stone and wood architecture. The building, originally used as a stable and hayloft, is an excellent example of alpine architecture designed to make the most of an optimal exposure to sunshine and ventilation, to guarantee warmth in winter in the part in masonry as well as the stratified and differentiated storage of forage in the upper part, to bear the great weight of the snow thanks to the elastic properties of the wooden structure. The recovery works, despite modifying the intended use of all the rooms, have respected the particular architectural and environmental characteristics of the building, preserving the outer walls made from intersected larch logs and wooden pegs, the inner harp-shaped walkway with balustrades (used to dry cereals and hay), together with the wooden pillars and beams to support the roof. The 4-faceted roof is covered in larch shingles. The wooden eaves have also been restored. The basement (formerly the stables) now houses a conference hall also used to hold meetings and cultural events. On the two upper floors, there are exhibition halls and a small bookshop with publications on local culture. Since its opening, the Ethnographic Centre, through exhibitions and publications, has dealt with the following topics: The Sauris carnival, the “malghe” (alpine pastures) and the hay-making season, typical architecture, the clothing system, the work carried out by the blacksmith and the carpenter, the works of 16th century sculptor Michael Parth, who created the two wooden alters in the churches in Sauris, local faith, the history of the woods in the Friuli area, paths and communication channels, water as a source of life and energy, food culture, the representation of Sauris in the works of artists, the cult of St. Oswald and the construction of the Lumiei dam.

The Ethnographical Centre in Sauris di Sopra also takes part in two collaboration projects:

- "Rete Museale Provinciale 2009-2013" (2009-2013 Provincial Museum Network), promoted by the Udine Provincial Board, aimed at qualifying and enhancing the value of the museum heritage as well as the permanent Collections accessible to the public that are present throughout the entire provincial territory. http://www.provincia.udine.it/musei/italiano/Pages/default.aspx


-"Rete Museale della Carnia” (Carnic Museum Network), promoted by the Carnic Mountain Community to carry out co-ordinated functions, services and activities with the aim of promoting and enhancing the value of Museums and permanent Exhibitions in the Carnia area. http://www.carniamusei.org/index.html



SUMMER: tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.

WINTER: thursday, friday, saturday and sunday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm.

It is advisable to book in advance by contacting either the Ethnographic Centre (+39 0433-86262) or the Sauris Tourist Information Office (+ 39 0433-86076).




Sauris di Sopra, 3/A
33020 SAURIS (UD)
Tel. 0433 86262
Fax. 0433 86262
info: etnosauris@libero.it