On 4th August 2013 at the Ethnographic Centre in Sauris di Sopra, the “Re-surfaced History. War Relics/Khriekhgedeinkhn” exhibition was inaugurated. In this exhibition, created thanks to the passion and initiative taken by an enthusiast, a private collection of relics and accounts dating back to World War I as well as to the decades immediately before and after this period was presented for the first time.


In addition to the war equipment, weapons and material (hand grenades, bayonets, helmets, magazines, a “Schwarzlose” machine gun) also many objects of everyday life used by the soldiers were put on display (bottles and containers made from several different materials, inkpots, buckles, coins, pipes…), that were discovered on the mountains in our region and in other areas of combat zones; these remind us of the lives of many men, who although they wore different uniforms (Italian, Austrian, German, Hungarian, French, English, Russian), they all suffered the absurdity and atrocity of the war. This exhibition intends to pay a small tribute to them and as a warning for us to never forget them.


On request, films belonging to the series “La Grande Guerra” (The Great War) are available to watch and consult alongside books on the finds and war relics.

It is advisable to book trips through the Sauris Tourist Information Office (+ 39 0433 86076) or the Ethnographic Centre (+ 39 0433 86262).