Craft Beer

The history of beer dates back to ancient times and has deep-rooted traditions and there are dozens of styles that have developed from these, each of which has its own particular characteristics and interpretations.

Generally, craft beer is an unpasteurised beer, produced without the use of preservatives and using select and premium choice products.

Craft beer focuses entirely on its quality, on the research of its ingredients and the creativity of the brewers in their use. In simple terms, those who drink craft beer are seeking a “different drinking experience to “tickle their taste buds”, that is outside the box, far from being conventional and closer to the local territory.

ZAHREBEER Sauris Agribeer S.a.s.

This company was founded thanks to a “visionary” idea that Sandro Petris, a homebrewer, had in 1994. This brewery was established way back in December 1999 when only a few people had considered opening a craft brewery in Italy, let alone in Sauris, at a height of 1,400 m above sea level, in the Lumiei Valley, in the heart of the Carnia area. Since then, Sauris Agribeer has produced and marketed top quality, all-grain, unfiltered, unpasteurised craft beer. The fine organoleptic properties of the water in Sauris are of fundamental importance to produce a natural, top-quality beer. The expertise and the painstaking attention paid throughout all the production stages makes it possible to obtain a highly-qualified, appreciated product that is ready to drink.
In the brewery, located in Sauris di Sopra, the Pilsen Chiara (lager), the Vienna Rossa (Amber lager), the Birra alla Canapa (Hemp Beer), the Ouber Zahre and the “Scura Affumicata” (Smoked Stout) that is perfect to accompany renowned locally-produced cured meats.

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    ZAHREBEER Sauris Agribeer S.a.s.

    Sauris di Sopra (UD)
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