Goat Cheeses

Since its origins, the Sauris community has developed a self-sufficient economy, based on hunting and pastoralism. Dairy products were extremely important as they were used as bargaining chips in exchange for food products that were not available locally. Each family possessed livestock, the milk of which could be used to produce cheese, ricotta cheese or butter that could subsequently be exchanged at the nearby market.

The willingness of the Sauris community to hand down these ancient skills, has made it possible even today to purchase top quality dairy products “made in Sauris”.

Azienda Agricola BiancoSauris

The unmistakable flavours of our cheeses are created thanks to the passion we have for our mountains and the enchanted natural environment in which we live.

The small-scale milk production of our goats was not sufficient, so we process that coming from farms in the local area, enriched with essences of aromatic plants that grow at a high altitude and that are expertly selected and treated.

Then there is also our Ambradolce cream. A distant memory of when I was a young girl, recalling the simple, genuine flavours of yesteryear, when we lived knowing that nature can provide us with everything we need, it was sufficient to contribute to its maintenance without haste!

We believe this is true and our products bear witness to this concept:

Radic di Mont (Alpine Sow-Thistle): This is harvested at a high altitude when the snow thaws and it is naturally preserved to savour its most authentic flavour;

Ambradolce: This is a sweet cream to spread on bread or to sweeten yogurt, a healthy, genuine snack full of mountain flavours to enjoy either in the morning or the afternoon.


  • Cuorealpino: A mixed-milk cheese processed with our herb salt and with herbs that have been freshly harvested at a high altitude.
  • BiancoSauris: This is a cheese that requires a long, complex processing procedure to achieve a unique flavour. It is made with pure goat’s milk or mixed with cow’s milk if enriched with our kümmel or walnuts.
  • Montano: This product reveals the wholesomeness and aroma, now forgotten, of locally-produced fresh, raw, full-fat milk.
  • Ricotta stufata (Stewed Ricotta Cheese): A caramelised dessert, without a smoky flavour, unforgettable lightness.

Finally, BiancoSauris also produces fresh yogurt as well as yogurt-based cottage cheese.


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