Malga ricotta and cheeses

Welcome to the world of the Malghe! Generally, “Malga” refers to the meadows beyond the limits of the arboreal vegetation, from approximately 1,500 m upwards, together with the complex of buildings required to carry out pastoralism: the “casera”, where the product is processed and stored and where the staff accommodation is located (the main figure of which is the “malgaro”(herdsman)) together with the place where the animals are kept, the stables or the lodges. These are operational only during the summer and generally as from the first week of June to the beginning of September and in some cases, even up to the end of the month and for Sauris, they represent the expression of a business that was once of fundamental importance for the economy of the village. In fact, the Sauris area was surrounded by a considerable number of “malghe”, that were inhabited thanks to the particular geological formation of the valley that has made the grass in the meadows so rich that this enables the production of one of the best and most delicious products existing on the market.


Malga Alta Carnia S.a.s. was founded as a company specialising in the ripening, aging and marketing of the typical Malga della Carnia cheese, the production processes of which remain unaltered even after many centuries.

In fact, the Malga product is the result of a combination of factors:

  • The meadows located at a high altitude (1,500-1,800 m)
  • A clean, crystal-clear, uncontaminated environment
  • Grass that is rich in properties that give the milk top quality nutrients
  • Milk that is processed without using pasteurisation processes, maintaining the enzymatic properties of raw milk unaltered.

On these grounds, today, we still manage to achieve the same product that has been a food product of primary importance for generations.

Malga Alta Carnia S.a.s. is one of the few Italian ripening companies that allows the cheese to age in the mountains and precisely at a height of 1,370 m.

The sales outlet, located at Sauris di Sotto, offers the possibility to taste the cheese before purchasing it and to have a snack after a long walk. We are open all year round with specific opening hours depending on the season.

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    Fraz. Sauris di Sotto
    33020 Sauris (UD)
    Tel. +39 338 8918928- +39 339 7793274