Sauris ham

The Prosciutto di Sauris (Sauris Ham) is renowned and appreciated on both a national and international level and it owes its uniqueness to the particular method of smoking used, that is carried out by burning beech from the local woods in the traditional fireplaces and by channelling the smoke into the rooms used for smoking. Since 2009 the Prosciutto di Sauris (Sauris Ham) is protected by the Protected Geographical Identification (PGI) brand that certifies the distinctive bond with the Sauris area.

Moreover, history tells us that many families in the Carnia area have always produced other top quality cured meats. Over the years, thanks to the consolidation of modern commercial relationships, the fame of these excellent pig-meat products has gone beyond the regional boundaries to expand throughout Italy and abroad. Select raw materials and painstaking care taken during each processing stage: fresh meat processing, salting, resting, light smoking with beech wood are the basic operations that make these cured meats as excellent as they really are.

Prosciuttificio WOLF Sauris

The Prosciuttificio Wolf Sauris is deeply rooted in an age-old history that saw, in 2012, the achievement of the important goal of the first 150 years of family and company tradition. In fact, since 1862, the relationship between Wolf and its territory has been unique and unrepeatable: Sauris is itself a top-quality ingredient of its products. Apart from the first-class raw material, the rigorous self-inspection within the company and to the painstaking attention paid to each stage of the process, the inimitable quality of the ham and of all the Wolf cured meats, a precious climatic-environmental component undoubtedly makes a significant contribution that guarantees a natural maturing given by the fresh, pure air of the mountains and woods that surround the company.

The distinguishing feature of Wolf products is certainly their “slight hint of smokiness”: the traditional smoking with beech wood is performed as in the past thanks to the furnaces from which the smoke, appropriately cooled and purified, passes into the smoking chambers where the cured meats are left for a certain period depending on both the experience and the type of product.

In the welcoming, well-stocked company store you can purchase the famous Prosciutto di Sauris P.G.I. (ham) and the entire vast range of cold cuts and cured meats bearing the Wolf brand, as well as a variety of wine and food specialities typical of the Sauris and Carnic areas.

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