Small fruits varieties

The Carnia area is immersed in luxuriant, lush woods with fertile undergrowth that during the summer transforms into rich soil where bilberries, small strawberries, sweet raspberries and blackberries. By taking a simple stroll along convenient paths or squeezing through the bushes, everyone can taste them in the wild. In Sauris, fully respecting the rules of nature and by using natural fertilisers, it is possible to purchase fresh fruit and processed products such as jams, compotes and fruit juices and…and so on and so forth!

Azienda Agricola Domini (Agricultural enterprise)

The Azienda Agricola Domini Albert agricultural enterprise has been active within the sector relating to the production of small fruit and vegetable varieties for approximately 30 years. The beginning of this business is associated with Mrs. Edith’s curiosity to try to grow some strawberry plants after visiting an already existing local plantation. Subsequently, the determination and passion of her entire family gave life to this business that, over time, has both expanded and improved. So, starting with the simple cultivation of strawberries and other small-fruit varieties, as well as seasonal vegetables and cabbage (kraut), the also produces jams, fruit juices and syrups. The facilities used for production activities include 25 closed, non-fixed greenhouses, fitted with irrigation systems, covering an overall surface area measuring approximately 4000 m2 immersed in the greenery in the village of Lateis. The sales outlet linked to the production facilities is open in summer, while in winter, the processed products can be purchased telephonically.

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