Unique architecture

Stone and wooden houses created using the “Blockbau” technique

A peculiarity of the Sauris landscape is represented by its type of architecture. The Sauris architecture represents the most evident link with nearby Carinthia: in fact, the buildings are characterised by building blocks created using locally-available materials, wood and stone. The houses and the rustic buildings are characterised by a ground floor in stone, a basement and raised floors in wood, built using the ancient BLOCKBAU technique (entire tree trunks create a solid structure thanks to their interlocking corners). The roof is covered in wooden shingles. Although, as from 1700, the Carnic architectural tradition has influenced the traditional Sauris architectural style with the construction of numerous homes entirely in stone, projects to enhance the value of traditional architecture even today still have to rigorously inspected to ascertain their environmental coherence. The two main recently renovated residential areas of Sauris di Sopra and Sauris di Sotto are well worth a visit.