The outlawed woods

In 1420, the Friuli region came under the domination of the Republic of Venice. From that moment onwards, also the woodlands in Sauris were widely exploited to procure timber for the lagoon city arsenals. The activities of de-forestation, transport and woodworking became employment opportunities, requiring labour to be called also from other towns. So, in addition to the original families, other inhabitants came to live in this area, as can be seen by the surnames that were not of Germanic origins.

During Venetian domination, the great demand for timber that the lagoon city required for its arsenal as well as for other purposes drove the Serenissima Republic of Venice to regulate the use of the woodland heritage in the provinces it dominated. In the Carnia area, 47 woods were outlawed, exclusively reserved for the Venetian arsenal and subject to inspection by officials. In the Sauris area, there were three outlawed woods.