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Pristine nature

The authentic village of Sauris is located at the foot of the Carnic Alps in a basin that reflects a harmonious mosaic of a scenic landscape with elements such as, forests, alluvial terraces covered with meadows and pastures, rocky massifs (Monte Bivera, Pieltinis and Tiarfin), and streams that enrich the natural environment and feed into a large artificial lake, able to captivate everyone with its splendor.

The pristine nature of Sauris is constantly magnificent. Each season offers you a particular aspect to discover by admiring the changing colors of the landscape: the green expanses of meticulously mowed lawns that contrast the clear blue summer sky; the autumn foliage that dyes the woods with fiery colors; the pure and silent snow that envelops the village in winter; and the colorful patches of wildflowers that sway in the crisp air of spring.

Sauris possesses one of the most amazing skies in Italy. Astronomitaly, the Italian network of Astronomical Tourism, has chosen Sauris as an ideal place for observing the stars, thanks to its extremely pure air and the absence of light pollution.

This is the reason why Sauris is the perfect destination to enjoy a vacation in nature, suitable for everyone even families with small children!

Lake Sauris: is an aquamarine mirror surrounded by a crown of mountains

Located just beyond the last tunnel of live rock, on the road from Ampezzo to Sauris, the gaze of every passerby cannot help but be captivated by the changing colors of the wide and peaceful lake that mirrors the mountain peaks.

Lake Sauris (or Lake of Maina, named after the location that hosts it) is an artificial basin created in 1948 through an imposing dam on the Lumiei stream. The Sauris dam, towering 136 meters in height, was at the time the highest in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

Did you know that the lake is occasionally emptied to allow for maintenance of its depths? On those rare occasions, you can catch a glimpse of some traces of the ancient village of La Maina emerging from the waters, including the building of its old city hotel!

We offer many different nature-based activities for vacationing on Lake Sauris: dume ame zahrar zea (“all around Lake Sauris”) as you can enjoy sport fishing and stand-up paddleboarding, excursions by canoe, hiking, mountain biking as well as experience the magic of “flying” with a zipline to admire the landscape from above!

Discover the vast experiences on Lake Sauris

Hiking and walking in Sauris

Trekking enthusiasts in Sauris can find their match for hiking with a dense network of trails, mule tracks and dirt roads winding their way both near the villages and through high-altitude meadows and forests, connecting villages, alpine huts and mountain pastures.

Are you eager to go trekking along Lake Sauris, or walk along the famous circular path of malghe (mountain huts), which will take you through the high-altitude pastures and the “casere” (alpine huts) that surround Monte Pieltinis?

To discover the entire network of trails and plan your walking and mountain bike itineraries, you can consult our map of trails, organized and classified by areas according to theme, and download data to your mobile devices.

Do you find the idea of exploring the area on a bicycle appealing, but don’t have one of your own?

In Sauris di Sopra our rental e-bikes await you!

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Exciting adventures in nature

Relaxation, food and wine, and centuries-old traditions, but why not even a bit of healthy adventure! Are you looking for pure fun in the mountains? If your ideal vacation is one that gets your adrenaline pumping and offers you powerful emotions, then you’re in the right place! Here are the experiences you absolutely cannot miss out on!

  • Sauris Zipline: an unforgettable flight between the forest and Lake Sauris—to be experienced while suspended more than 1000 meters above sea level. The 2.5 km route is pure and concentrated excitement, encountered at high speed. It’s an adventure that can take you up to 100 km per hour, while leaving you breathless as you admire the panorama from an unparalleled viewpoint. Of all the ziplines that cross over a lake, the Sauris line is the longest in Europe!
  • Horseback riding: immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, admiring fascinating views as you (re)discover your more adventurous side. With Khlope Sauris’ certified instructors, you can learn all the secrets of western-style riding and be guided on exciting horseback explorations. Nature vacations with children? For the little ones, the riding school offers short rides on hand-led horses in the woods adjacent to the stables.
  • Snowmobile tours: explore Sauris in winter in total safety, riding on groomed trails that wind through the woods, fully respecting the mountain. Choose your excursion according to its level of difficulty and duration; experienced instructors will accompany you, even at night, driving these extraordinary vehicles. It’s an alternative idea (or additional!) to the more traditional trekking adventures.
Immerse yourself into the adventures in Sauris!

Skiing in Sauris (and many other activities to do in the snow)

The slopes, exposed to the sun as well as equipped with a snowmaking machine, are managed by Promotur; in Sauris di Sopra, in the midst of the snowy village, you can enjoy a red slope and a blue slope, served by a ski lift and a carpet lift. Little ones and beginners can take their first steps on the snow thanks to a ski school. In Sauris di Sotto you will find a blue slope (equipped with night lighting) and a ski lift for uphill transport. Equipment rental and lessons with instructors from the Italian Ski Instructors School are also available.

Sleeping in Nature in Sauris

If you’re dreaming of a vacation in full contact with nature, what could be better than a high-altitude campsite or a Glamping-style encounter, by experiencing a full immersion in the woods?

At the Treinke Campground in Sauris Zahre, you can enjoy an active and viable vacation by finding many amenities just a few steps from your site: a playground, covered indoor pool and Grien SPA wellness area, riding stable, and a tasting spot for the best local specialties!

Or, how about trying Glamping in Sauris, to give your vacation a touch of romance and adventure, without sacrificing comfort? If you like that idea, choose one of our new glamping tents made of natural and eco-sustainable materials where you can sleep under one of the starriest skies in Italy and wake up to the scent of a pure alpine-style breakfast, served “at home”!

Immerse yourself in the pure nature of Sauris!

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