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Relax and wellness

Are you dreaming of a relaxing vacation in the mountains, immersed in pristine nature, where you can completely unwind and be pampered by pleasant experiences that can recharge your body and mind?

Whether you desire to enjoy a few days of complete relaxation, or even just to carve out a few hours of pure well-being, alone, as a couple for a romantic getaway or even with the whole family… then Sauris is the right place for you!

Our Grien SPA, at 1300 meters above sea level, is the perfect choice for discovering the well-being side of Sauris. In our wellness center you can: swim in the pool, experience saunas and steam baths, enjoy holistic treatments and massages, relax while sipping an herbal tea or sunbathe while gazing into the forest. And not only that, for on weekends we are waiting for you with yoga classes, Pilates, meditation techniques, and AISA masters Aufguss in Finnish sauna and Turkish bath.

In short, Sauris has everything you need to plan the perfect wellness vacation!

Discover Grien SPA in Sauris

Grien in the Sauris language means “green”: and, indeed, Grien Spa is a true oasis of wellness at a high altitude, immersed in the peaceful nature of the Friulian mountains and surrounded by coniferous forests.

The spa in Sauris is owned by the local municipality and located in the “Borgo dello Sport e del Benessere” next to the campground and sports center, halfway between Sauris di Sopra and Sauris di Sotto. The Grien Spa wellness area, separated from the swimming area with a 94-square-meter pool and whirlpool, is spread out over two levels housing a Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, Turkish bath, Kneipp cooling, experience showers, massage rooms, fully equipped gym, relaxation areas, and solarium overlooking the forest. During the winter months, the outdoor garden offers the opportunity to practice “kneipp cooling,” walking barefoot in the snow.

In our Grien Spa you will have, in addition, the possibility of many other treatments by appointment: relaxing massages with essential oils, rebalancing massage, yin/yang massage, lymphatic drainage massage, specific micro massage, Zen Shiatsu, foot reflexology, Thai massage, infant massage and sound massage with Tibetan bells and gongs…

You can purchase precious massage oils produced by the local Pa’ Mairlan company, and the delicious locally sourced herbal teas from Pa’ Mairlan and NaturPreitsh, so you can continue to enjoy little moments of well-being once you return home!

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Aufguss: ancient rituals of wellness in the sauna and Turkish bath

On weekends, Grien SPA now offers its beloved guests appointments with AISA (Italian Sauna and Aufguss Association) certified Sauna Masters who offer the perfect opportunity for discovering the Aufguss ritual!

Aufguss is a German word, meaning throwing of steam.” This ancient wellness ritual, conducted by a qualified operator (the Aufgussmeister) inside a Finnish sauna, involves throwing water or ice, also enriched with essential oils, onto hot stones in a fire pit in order to create steam and humidity to raise the temperature of the room. Through rhythmic movements of a towel, sometimes accompanied by background music, the Aufgussmeister then directs the hot, aromatized steam in the direction of the guests, creating an intense and pleasant multi-sensory experience with an immediate and lasting beneficial effect that increases in heat felt on the skin promoting: dilation of peripheral vessels, a drop in blood pressure and an increase in sweating.

Aufguss in the Turkish bath is performed in a very different environment than in the Finnish sauna, due to the lower temperature and high humidity that promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, regularizes blood pressure and decongests the respiratory tract. It is often accompanied by treatments such as scrub-peeling (derived from essential oils and 100% natural smoothing products, such as salt and sugar).

Sauris: full relaxation in the mountains

Grien Spa also organizes numerous themed appointments to discover and deepen wellness practices and rituals, such as the use of scrubs and essential oils, the Kneipp philosophy and its application to everyday life. We offer many experiences that can further enrich your relaxing vacation in Sauris!

At various times of the year, you can also immerse yourself in a number of offered wellness practices: Pilates classes, yoga for adults and children, stretching and “foot fitness.” Among the wellness experiences you absolutely must try, we particularly recommend:

  • Gong baths and sound meditation at Grien Spa that feature a real massage that uses vibrations generated by the percussion of the gong to lead participants into a meditative state somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, allowing you to delve deep within yourself and restore an inner harmony that benefits the whole organism.
  • Forest bathing and forest breathing in Sauris, which consist of a multi-sensory wellness practice to be experienced in the forests of Lateis, among the scents of wild herbs, hay and conifer resins, breathing the pure air of Sauris (certified as one of the cleanest in Italy). The “forest bath” is a true forest therapy, now promoted and recognized internationally as an integrative medicine and health promotion initiative due the many benefits, proven by a multitude of scientific studies, which it is able to generate on a psychophysical level.
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Relax e Wellness a Sauris

Enjoy a vacation of pure wellness in Sauris!

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