Sport and Wellness Village

Health & wellbeing in Sauris

Who has never dreamt of forgetting their daily routine and of finding some time for themselves, at least once in their lives?

Taking deep breaths of the crisp mountain air, taking care of your body and spirit without having to think of anything else except for your own wellness.

Sauris has created an exclusive oasis of relaxation in which you can find shelter to say farewell to the stress caused by daily life.

Immersed in the Sauris nature, the Sport and Wellness Village is a unique place, in which the warm design of wood combined with bare rock create a borderless space within the peace of the surrounding woodland.

An all-round wellness programme including saunas and a Turkish bath, the swimming pool with a regenerating waterfall and whirlpool bath, the relaxation area with comfortable larch chaise-longues and beneficial infusions to conclude the different types of massage.



TELEPHONE  -  +39 366 1128607